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KOed dice bags and accessories are hand crafted and designed with the roleplayer, CCG gamer, and miniature wargamer in mind. They are designed to keep your stuff safe and accessible whilst you play.


KOed’s “Centurion” dice bags feature a deep 10cm square main section which will hold 100 16mm dice (and a few more) (approx 13cm tall) in padded safety; and stand upright so your dice don’t fly everywhere! 

They also include an elastic strap perfect for storing cards. These are particularly ideal for skirmish games like Warmachine, Infinity, Malifaux and for wargames like Warhammer Fantasy Battle; comfortably holding up to twenty cards. It also has an elastic strap for a pen.

The bag is also available as the Legionnaire, a basic version without a card or pen strap. 

Finally, each bag is fully reversible so you get two bags in one!

Custom Designs

We also can (and do) make our products to order in different fabrics and even with logos. If you want something a little different and special (not that our normal dice bags are not), please contact us.

About KOed

KOed is based in Skåne, Sweden, and is run by Ruth, the long suffering wife of a (over) committed wargamer. 

Contact email:

MOM/VAT No. SE570807048601


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